Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket BOM #5 done

And yet something else that I messed up basket block for May. The machine stitching came out horrible so may just be doing this one over. It will have to wait though for now, but maybe next month, I'll do it over in all hand applique instead. We'll see...
BOM #5

getting no where

Sewing is not going great these days. Keep changing my mind on projects. AmandaJean of Crazymomquilts is doing a block-a-day sew-along where you make a 9-patch a day till you have enough to make a quilt. I started this for my son in hotwheel type fabrics and I don't like it. This is what I had so far and the other fabrics are what I was going to use.
So think we have now decided to make Maverick stars of it, (pattern here) and do a quilt with those. Think I'm going to like this much better and my son seems to really like the stars I have so far done. Now just have to get busy as it was to be for his birthday which is quickly approaching! I know the pic is dark but I'm sure I'll be taking more of them. I love the pattern! It's so much fun to make!
maverick stars

So I then started on the 9-patch again, thinking of doing it in colors for my daughter. This is what I have so far done and I don't care for them either.
So again, change of plans. Think I'll save these fabrics for another quilt design.
So back to square one again. Now I'm thinking of making this 9-patch with scraps left over from the Mod Sampler quilt...we'll see though. I hate being this fickle, lol! Anyone else out there change their minds on projects all the time?
I can only hope for more productive days ahead!