Monday, November 30, 2009

tote #4

Yes, another one.
It's very similar to the last one. Most is the same except for the tie and loop closure fabric.
I'm happy with:
how the strip embroidery came out
I like the brown two tone tie and loop closure fabric; doesn't take away from the strip pieces
the deep pocket I did inside turned out well
love the padded straps

What I goofed on:
there's some puckering around the top rim; hard to avoid that I find
tie was too short so the knot is small

Undecided on:
I didn't box the lining on this one just to see b/c well, the pattern didn't say to, so I thought give it a try. It's not actually too bad so I'm not sure which way is best.

Should you always box the lining in a bag? What do you do?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

tote #3

This tote is made using a honeybun from Moda's Collection For a Cause - Alliance by Howard Marcus. This was so much fun, picking from all those fabrics. Must admit though, that at first, I wasn't really crazy about the prints but once sewn together into a strip piece, I just love them.

Few things I did differently from the pattern. I found this other pattern and used some of its' methods. In particular, I did the handles and boxed the corners using it's instructions and was really happy with the result. Also, the Mill House Inn pattern does not say to box the lining but I have in each bag that I've made so far. Just think there would be too much extra fabric if you didn't. I made a nice deep lined pocket for it too, with the help from a friend on flickr.

Seems with each one, I learn something new.
What I like about this one:
the strip layout
solid colored handles and bottom
using batting in the handles to make them stronger
inner lined pocket

What I don't like:
the middle tie; not crazy about my fabric choice there or the embroidery stitch
lining inside is too big for some reason; think I goofed on the measuring!
not sure about the quilting on the bottom; maybe too noticeable?

But overall, I do like it. Hopefully the recipient will enjoy it too!
another Christmas gift done!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

another Mill House Inn tote bag

I didn't pick the fabrics for this one. It was a kit made up by my local quilt shop. The lining was the only thing that I changed b/c it was a print and I prefer a solid for that. I wish that I'd found this great tutorial on hints using precuts earlier...I was out by a fair bit after sewing the strips so guess I need practise!
I added a lined pocket to this one as an experiment.

So another Christmas gift done; this one will go to the school's crossing guard...she is such a sweet person.

I've already started on more bags using Moda's Collection for a Cause - Alliance by Howard Marcus. I'm loving these prints. I could get six bags out of this honey bun if I wanted to! I love strip piecing!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket BOM #7 done

Trying to get caught up on the A Tisket, A Tasket blocks. Like others in the
group, being Canadian I wanted to change the July's block a bit. I was able to copy my maple leaf from a tiny flag I found in my kid's toys, lol! I think stitching wise, this is my best one yet. I'm really glad I tried the back stitch for the letters instead of the stem stitch as people in the group so kindly suggested. Much easier and much nicer results, IMO. Now just need to do 4 more!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

next project...more Mill House Inn tote bags

I really enjoyed making the Mill House Inn tote bag for my Mom so I've decided to make some more for Christmas gifts. My LQS was having a sale so I splurged on some goodies. I just love all the Moda precuts but have so far, only bought the charm packs. I think working with the honeybun strips though will make things go much faster. It's the Collections for a Cause - Alliance by Howard Marcus.

Monday, November 2, 2009

a jean quilt

Made this jean quilt for my 8 yr. old son to take with him to cross country running meets and other athletic events. Thought it would be useful for him to sit on and keep warm as it can be cold here in the Fall and Spring. The blue and black jean fabrics are all from our old jeans and the camouflage fabric I already had on-hand to make pants for him.

Learned alot from doing this...mostly that my machine does not like going through such thick fabrics. Never could get the quilting tension right so I'm not pleased with that aspect, so note to self to use my older machines for this as they might work better. I did use a walking foot, size 18 jean needle, and extra strong Gutermann thread. I really liked it before I did the quilting so next time, maybe if I just stitched in the ditch, it would be better. It feels good to recycle though so I hope to make some more of these. My husband has already said he'd like one as a car blanket, to have on-hand. They'd be tough and durable as a dog mat too.

For the pattern, it just kinda evolved as I cut out and played with the patches that are 4" finished. And these pics are from taking it straight out of the dryer; no ironing so it's puffy and wrinkled.

For the label, I did a hidden corner label on the back, so that if he ever lost it, hopefully it would have a chance of getting back to him, but doesn't distract from it. Got the idea from here.

Hopefully he'll enjoy using it.