Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hazel's diary quilt-along, block 4

This quilt-along is perfect for me. It's just a bit of sewing each day and some days, with two kids, that's all the time I have to sew.
Plus, before you know it, you've made a lovely block. This block is known as the traditional “Crown of Thorns” block. I love it. I'm not entirely sure about introducing the light green but will wait and see how it looks in the end.
Thanks to Shelly for such wonderful directions on this quilt-along!
Happy sewing everyone!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

WIP ~ Hazel's diary quilt-along

Hazel's diary quilt-along
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Woohoo! I'm caught up. Feels great. Love these blocks so far. It's amazing with doing them in little steps, before you know it, you've done a pretty complicated block..or at least for me, it is. Shelly's directions are so superb that it makes it easy to follow along.

I'd never done flying geese before this, and oh, how I love her method! No waste. Easy peasy!

If you're still sitting on the fence about joining this quilt-along, it's really not too late to join in the fun. I'm so glad that I did!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hazel's diary quilt-along

Hazel's diary quilt-along
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This is my block 2 and setting block 2. Considering that I've never done a block with so many pieces before, I'm happy with it. But I got some puckering again when trying to match seams and it's shy of the 6.5" square it's suppose to be :( I'm trying so hard to keep my 1/4" SA too and press really well. Hoping again that the freezer trick of Elizebeth's of Oh Fransson! will save me when I go to join all the blocks.
I'm spray starching as I go along which I think has helped.

What about you? Have any tricks that you'd be so kind enough to share with a newbie like me, to help with keeping things accurate?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

WIP ~ Hazel's diary quilt-along

I'm really enjoying this quilt-along. So far I've cut the setting triangles, inner and outer borders, and binding. Just finished the first block and setting block. This is really good practise for me as working with the small pieces is a challenge. My first block is suppose to be 6.5" square but I'm off a wee bit in parts. Plus I got some puckering when trying to line up the seams. Hoping it'll work out in the end.

Think I may have to try the freezer paper technique that Oh Fransson! spoke of here.

Anyone have any tips when joining small triangles? My machine seems to eat away at the edge of the fabric before starting to sew and can get jammed, particularly when the fabrics aren't square to each other, KWIM?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hazel's Diary quilt-along

fabrics for quilt-along
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I've decided to jump in on the fun and join the Hazel's Diary quilt-along. I've been following along and the instructions are very well done; perfect for a newbie like me! The pieces are small though for the option I chose, so I'm hoping that I'm not getting in over my head, but going to give it a try. You can see all the beautiful blocks done so far over at Flickr.

I decided to do Option 2 or the small quilt. For those curious and to help me remember, the fabrics in my pic, starting from the left pile are:
Cotton Blossoms by Thimble Blossoms for Moda (large print for outer border)
Alliance by Howard Marcus for Moda (brown inner border)
unknown cream solid
In the right pile are:
Marbles by Moda (dark value)
Victoria by Benartex (medium value)
Aviary by 3 Sisters for Moda (medium value)
Victoria by Benartex (not sure yet if I'll use this for a medium dark value or medium)
unknown cream floral (light value)

Many thanks to Shelly for doing this great quilt-along as I'm sure it must take a great deal of time to do each day. And thanks to Crafty Maine Mom who mentioned it to me here on my blog.

If anyone else is interested in joining, it started in January but shouldn't take too long to catch up. Here's a good point where it starts. I sure hope others join in too b/c I think the finished quilts are going to be beautiful!