Sunday, June 27, 2010

My son's first sewing project

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back of bookmarks
He's nine and he made these bookmarks himself with only a wee bit of help from me. I got the idea from Deanna over at Wedding Dress Blue from her tutorial. It was an ideal way of teaching him. They are gifts for his teachers and the crossing guard. He picked out the fabrics which are Greetings from Canada by Thimbleberries; love the Canadian designs on these! He arranged the fabrics himself and did all the sewing so he learnt about foundation piecing, amongst other things. Think he enjoyed doing the embroidery the most...think i like that best too, lol! Being able to set a fixed speed on my new machine, really helped.

Now I just hope the teachers all appreciate his efforts! I wish I could keep them all to myself. He's always liked to watch me sew and give his opinion on things, but this was the first time for him actually using my machine and doing it himself. Maybe next will be a flannel rag quilt?

So how about you...when did you first learn to sew on a machine? do you remember what you made? who taught you? Or at what age did you teach your kids? I'd love to hear...
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


sewing desk
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I've been trying to organize my sewing area lately to make it safer for my little girl to be around. There was just too much within her reach and besides, I had barely any room to cut anyways. I know it's nothing fancy, just an area of the basement, but I'm really liking it now. Everything is at easy reach for me, but not her! Just need a coat of paint on my old desk to brighten it up and to organize those drawers.
cutting area

This cutting area is right behind my chair and I really like it. It's my parents' old dresser but works fine to hold fabrics. And I sorted out my button collection into my Mom's old Crown jars, which a few are blue glass and look to be hand blown glass as they have bubbles in them and a wobbly base. I love looking at them! Plus, my Mom used to can tons of things so it brings back many fond memories :)

cutting, layout area

And this is my parents' old dining room table that I love! Great for cutting at. And then I took an old tv unit that we were about to toss, and have filled it with bins of notions. Still have to better organize that stuff! But it's a vast improvement to the mess I had before.

The funny thing, I was also doing this to take an inventory of what I had and what was needed for storage as my wonderful hubby is giving up his workshop area for my new sewing room! But now I rather like this set-up. The plan was that my current sewing area would be replaced with toy storage and more play room for the kids.

But maybe the new area should be the play room? That the Wii and Xbox, and bins of toys, be all kept in there.
Any thoughts? Do you prefer to sew in a separate room, away from the family, so you can just shut the door when you're done and not clean up? Or do you prefer to work amongst everyone else? I'd love to hear what's your sewing area set-up like and if you like it or not!

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