Tuesday, September 14, 2010

money pouch for son

school wallet for son
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Every week practically, my son has to bring money to school for something or other, mostly fund raising. Often there is a form too that accompanies it, which we put all in a ziploc baggie. But I was looking for a 'greener' alternative b/c he often tossed the bag afterwards. We already use these for our sandwich bags which are wonderful and if you want to know about this site's awesome cloth diapers, I'd be more than happy to tell you. Anyways, he needed something larger than just a little wallet for both the money and forms.

So I decided to make this wristlet pattern from Ayumills of Pink Penquin. My son chose the fabrics, deciding he wanted one side with patches and the other a large print. He didn't want the inner pocket or the wristlet strap, so it made the project quick. And they are such great instructions that it was easy peasy! Have to say, if you've been afraid to put in a zipper with a lining like me, try this tutorial! This was my first time, and her hints and ample pictures make it easy. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

And the other side:

school wallet for son
I tried a bit of free-motion quilting on it and what fun it was! I have tried it in the past and my bobbin side always came out a big mess with loops. Well after watching a few video's from this site, I decided to take a deep breath and just go for it again but at a faster speed. And it worked! Woohoo! The underside was fine! Obviously I have much practise to do to perfect my stitch length, but now maybe I can try some loopy patterns and other fun stuff and maybe one day, be able to do a quilt with it. That would be wonderful!

And one note, incase anyone else has this problem with their machine...my machine is a Kenmore and it states in the manual to use a certain number stitch for when you're using the darning foot. Well it's fine for basting as the machine stops after every stitch and you have to press the pedal again each time. But that won't do for FMQ! One day I decided why not try it on just the basic straight stitch and see what happens, and it worked...it continued to sew. I was so happy to discover this as I primarily got this machine to FMQ and to find out that it didn't work, I was super dissappointed. I even checked on-line reviews and found other's with the same problem so I knew it wasn't just me doing something wrong. And I really felt any machine should be capable of free-motion quilting so there had to be a way. And now I know!

Since then, I've been playing with all sorts of new stitches and methods. Soon, I want to make up a booklet of pages of stitches and the settings and foot I used to achieve them. So often I forget what a stitch actually looks like. Have you ever made up a stitch book for your machine? Have you discovered anything new about your machine recently?

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hazel Diary QAL - block 11

Going on holidays, put me behind but I'm all caught up now. This one is called the Barbara Frietschie Star. I'm so excited now to be doing the last block. Then we'll just have the setting blocks to finish up and can start assembling it. Woohoo!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

binder pouch

pencil case
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Anna from Noodlehead, has many great tutorials. This one was fun to make. It can be found here on Sew, Mama, Sew. It was good practise for me, sewing with the clear vinyl and putting in the zipper.
What I changed:
-the piecing in the front section b/c we were working with scraps and my son wanted the embroidery
-used french seams so the edges were concealed inside and won't fray

My son loves it :) The car got cut off more than I expected as I was doing the french seams but otherwise, I'm happy with it too. The tutorial was well done.
A fun, practical item to make. Check out Anna's blog for lots of other great ideas!
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