Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew-in results

I'm happy to have two more blocks done for the Thread Head QAL.
The other star block was finished up as I pieced them; gotta love that!
I'm using a Moda scrap bag to make stars with my pile of ugly 9-patches that I'd pieced ages ago. I was going to rip the 9-patches apart to use the fabric in other ways. I'm glad I didn't now.
Hope you had a good evening of sewing too!
Thanks for dropping by!♥

Friday, February 18, 2011


It's here! :)
Plans: to work on blocks for the Thread Head QAL and as I'm doing it, via the leader and ender method, make a star block for another quilt I'm working on. Have some pieces cut out so far.
This is another project that's in the's a cloth ABC book for my daughter. Not sure I'll get any done on that but will see.

Got my house in order, comfy jammies on, nice glass of wine, and off we go...
Hope you all have a great evening of stitching too!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pinwheel Baby Quilt done!

I'm so thrilled to have this done, just in time for my daughter's third birthday! The pattern is at Moda Bake Shop, by Jodi of Pleasant Home and can be found HERE. I'd actually finished the top back in Jan./10, but was scared to quilt it. I'd never done free motion quilting before other than what I did recently on a FMQ sampler, so I was tossing around what to try and what types of patterns I wanted to quilt on it. Then came along Myra's PhD challenge and it was the boost I needed to get'er done! So one of my Ph'D's is off the list now; woohoo!

To be putting on the binding the other day, made me happy, so just had to take a pic, then and there! If you are learning how to do binding, hop on over to Oh, Fransson!'s blog. She has some great sewing tutorials and I really like her binding tutorial, which is how I learned to do it.

I love all the prairie points. I did all the quilting with my darning foot. I was trying to do some loops in the pinwheels to make a star-like pattern and then loops along the thin border. To keep the hearts on the outer border somewhat uniform, I used a wooden heart shape, making dots around it, with a disappearing marker. Fancy stencil, eh? lol!

This pic kinda shows my label...see that embroidery on the far right corner? (I didn't do a straight on shot of it just b/c it has personal info on it.) It lays that way when you want to read it, then you just flip it over and it's on the backside. I think it would protect the embroidery from wear and it doesn't distract from the backing, as that side of it, is the same as the backing (well not exactly but similar in this case b/c I ran out of backing fabric). It's easy to do too, as you just make the corner label up and sew it in as you do the binding.
If you want better pics of this method, go HERE. It's where I first saw it.

For the back, I had a piece that was just big enough...think my binding is even covering up bits of the salvages. But I really wanted to use it. I just love this Moda line by 3 Sisters called Aviary. Think it's my favorite that I've worked with so far.

And the quilting is far from good, but at least it's done. Stitching is very uneven, wonky...oh, just lots of issues with it, but when I was doing it, I just kept telling myself things I'd read over at A Few Scraps in her FMQ quilt-along. Christina has so many good tips and words of encouragement...just to keep trying, get through the first quilt and onto better quilting. So that's what got me through it. And I figure my daughter, who kept saying it was "so pretty" as I was working on it, won't be bothered by the stitching.

So that's one down and five more Ph'D's to go!
Thanks for dropping by!♥

love mail valentines

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and spent it with loved ones. I had lots of fun making my cards this year.
Using Anna's of noodlehead's great tutorial, I made some love mail valentines for my kids.

I didn't have any vellum on hand so I just used paper for both sides. Then I filled them with valentine Smarties and one with a few coins for my son. I think they turned out cute and sewing the paper was quick and fun to do.

For my husband, I raided the scrap bin and appliqued onto a denim scrap. Then did some free motion doodling...even tried some writing! I spray basted it, to adhere it in place on the card while I stitched it to the card. Great fun and I liked doing it on the denim. Think I may do more practicing of my free motion quilting just on jean scraps before I attempt something on a quilt. It was easy to manuever and no batting was needed.
Inside is a verse and photo that I'd printed off before attaching the denim. He liked it and it was fun to do, so all's good.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friday Night Sew-in

It's coming up! Friday Feb. 18th!
So come join the fun and sign up HERE.
I can't wait!
Hope you will sew-along too.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

progress on Thread Head QAL

I've been working away at the Thread Head quilt-along. Still way behind but I'm getting there. This block 10, I'm really happy with them. I just love working with these prints.

I finally chose my fabrics for the alternating blocks. I'd ordered a bit of fabric on-line for it but got impatient and took from my stash. I'm not sure it was the right choice. Think this is where belonging to a guild or knowing other's who quilt IRL, would be nice. The blue goes with my bedroom walls so my thinking was it would help bring contrast to the quilt as well as go better in the room..again, really not sure of it but since I'd cut out the strips already, decided to go with it.

Thread Head QAL - alternate block

It was my first time strip piecing, and it certainly does cut down the time! My 1/4" seam allowance must have been off though in the strips b/c I ended up getting some puckers, trying to match the seams. But it was fun doing the strip and chain piecing and seeing how fast they went together!

So I quickly plunked what I have done so far, out on the floor..a design wall sure would be nice for this. It's hard to do it with two big dogs, a cat and toddler that all want to get in on it! I'm doing some backgrounds of the blocks in light cream fabrics and other's with a darker cream tone-on-tone, matching them up with the alternating blocks.

Thread Head QAL layout

I'm thinking that the blue one in the top row, should go, right? It sticks out too much...or would you do more blocks in those blues as a "hit" of color throughout the quilt? Any feedback/suggestions are welcome! I'm such a newbie to this, lol!

So that's what I've been working on. Still lots to go.
Thanks for dropping by! ♥