Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aviary pillow

pillow using Aviary by 3 Sisters
I made this pillow from a pattern designed by mimi'sdarlins on Flickr (no blog). She was so kind to share it with me. I used Aviary fabrics by 3 Sisters for Moda. I did the stem my usual machine blanket stitch but then tried free motion quilting the rest. The petals and leaves are two pieces sewn together and turned RSO, via a slit you make on the back side. I tried a bit of FMQ in the background for texture after watching Leah's video on microstippling. The back is made with an opening, so I sewed up a pillow form to pop inside. I like that, for cleaning purposes.

I think my little sweetie likes her new pillow and quilt!

Aviary quilt and pillow

Thanks again, mimi'sdarlins, for this lovely pattern! ♥

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hazel Ilene Diary quilt top done!

Hazel Ilene Diary quilt top
I'm so happy to have this quilt top done! It was March of last year, that I started on this mystery quilt-along. It's been so much fun, reading Hazel's daily entries in her diary and then doing a wee bit of sewing each day on it. Must say, that I never thought a quilt like this would be sitting on my sewing table, made by me. But thanks to Shelly's wonderfully, detailed tutorials each and every day, I managed to get'er done! And along the way, I learned so many things. It really was like an on-line quilting course for me because its' taught me the fundamentals of piecing along with various new techniques. I can't thank Shelly enough for this gift to me. It's so appreciated that you have shared your knowledge and talents with us all.

And we're still following along on Hazel's diary, as Shelly is so kindly, continuing to post Hazel's daily entries. They are so entertaining! Just go HERE if you want to read more about it.

Now I just have to decide if I should send it out to a long-arm quilter..something I've never done before. Or should I try quilting it myself, which would likely be just in-the-ditch stitching around the blocks? Anyone have any thoughts or ideas to help me out here? I don't want to totally mess up something that's taken me a year to complete, so I'm all ears to any suggestions.

Thanks for dropping by!