Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hamels Fabrics: a great store!

I've recently found a wonderful Canadian on-line store called You'll have to check it out! Compared to where I live in Ontario, the prices are fantastic, even with shipping costs. And I had prompt emails and wonderful service with my orders. I bought one of their quilt kits and when there wasn't enough of the backing that I wanted, they kindly let me know and gave suggestions, of which I picked one and I love it! I can't wait to get started on it.

a quilt kit

Also, I was running low on fabrics for my Thread Head quilt and so was thrilled to find this fat quarter bundle, on sale, of Collection for a Cause. I'm using these fabrics in the quilt, along with other projects, so it won't be hard to use these up.

Collection for a Cause FQ bundle

So if you are in need of a fabric 'fix' or need any sewing supplies at all, check them out!

And since I have no sewing to show because we are renovating and hence I can't find my machine with all the chaos, I'll show our new little kitty instead. She was named Leisha by my 3 year old and came to us in a clay strawberry pot in our garden. Yes, that's right. She and her sibling were found weak and hungry in the pots. Thankfully, they had found this shelter because the night before was cold and raining.
This is the other kitty when we found them:

We shortly found out that another one was found the day before in our neighbours yard. Since the neighbours had already taken theirs to the vet, they shared the kitty formula they had with us, as they were only about 4 weeks old. So we got food into them right away. My son fell in-love with one and my neighbours each took the others. So all worked out great!

Now we already have two dogs and a cat but it's amazing how well they have accepted her and get along. She often sleeps with the dog!

She likes to clean the dog's coat too, especially the ears, which is interesting as our dog is being treated for an ear infection. It's like she knows.


So I think she's settled in very well. And like many cats, enjoys sleeping on quilts best!