Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good bye, Flickr!!

Good bye, Flickr!! by JasonsMum
Good bye, Flickr!!, a photo by JasonsMum on Flickr.
And now good bye, blog. Yes, I'm closing down for awhile; perhap for good.
Obviously, with the lack of posts for so many months, I have not been inclined to write. I have been making things and enjoying organizing my new sewing space, but have not got around to blogging about any of it. I was having too many issues between both flickr and blogger, that I think it took the fun out of it for me.

And with the mess that flickr has become recently, I can no longer use their services. If you care to read more about that whole issue, HERE is a good article I think.

So I will be keeping my account with them for now, but it will soon revert to a free account, which means anyone who visits my pages there, will be subjected to ads. And if my pics here one day go 'poof', that is because I've likely made them private, thus breaking my links to this blog.

It's been fun! I've learned alot doing this, as I'm no computer expert and have had to fumble my way through it. I don't think I'll delete the blog entirely, as it is a source of links for myself to my favorite blogs and tutorials.

So from now on, you'll find me HERE at ipernity, a wonderful, welcoming photosharing site. I hope you'll drop by and say hello!