Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Final Countdown ~ second task

Today's task that Shelly of Prairie Moon Quilts has asked us to do is:

Organize something.

My sewing room was in bad shape, with doing that pansy quilt. I'd had to move things so I could access the full length of my design board, and lay it all out. I really wanted to start the New Year with a cleaned-up room. So I picked it to organize. This is what it was like this morning....just a crazy mess! I could barely get into my machine and computer, there to the left; it just was not working!
Yes, those are my cats to the left, if you can see them through the likes the change table and the other one, the ironing board! They often keep me company in here.

So after working all day on this, with the help of my hubby, this is what it looks like now:

Ahhhh, much better! What we did...
- moved the change table down and put the larger sewing desk in it's place.
- put the smaller desk at the end wall, so I could put a desk with my laptop beside it.
- moved the drafting table back to being against the design board, and rearranged the bins underneath it.
 I do have a pile of mending and some other junk not in view, but that's out of the room for now, and hopefully I'll go through that soon. Just to have the center space to move about in again, will be nice!
I'm so glad to get this done!

I'm beat, so the dishes and laundry will wait till tomorrow!

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Shelly said...

WOW! I'm so very impressed with this! What a difference! I was not expecting such a change from the first picture to the second. No wonder you're whupped!