Saturday, January 25, 2014


I'm experimenting here with two things...making a new block and learning how to watermark my pics.

I'm a big fan of the Missouri Star Quilt company's video tutorials. Recently Jenny did one on the 'disappearing pinwheel' and i thought it would be fun to try. Here is my attempt at it:
Also, I'm trying out Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 to watermark my pics. I've been meaning for ages to do this, and just never got around to it. But since I recently had my blog content stolen, I figured that I'd best learn now, as I do hope to post much more this year. I'm still not quite sure what I did, so hope I can figure it out again!
If anyone cares to suggest an easy, free way of watermarking, I'd love to hear about it!

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mimi'sdarlins said...

Nice block, Karen! I've been planning to make some of these disappearing pinwheel blocks too, I love what they do with those pinwheels. Looks like your watermark is in place, hope you can find an easier method.