Saturday, February 1, 2014

my January block report

As part of Shelly's challenge on Prairie Moon Quilts, each month I'll do a post of my progress for the month.

I made a mini bear paw quilt top. This was for Kathleen's challenge of making a small quilt each month from one of her books. You can read about it HERE.  I haven't decided whether to quilt it by hand or by machine, so it sits for now.

Since it's basically four 'paw' blocks, figured it could count as four. Then there is the disappearing pinwheel block I mentioned in my previous post, so guess that makes my monthly grand total of 5...considering some participating in the challenge already have over 100, think I'd better pick up the pace, eh?!
Oh well, at least it's some. I'm sure next month will be better, as I've bought some yummy fabrics from the Jefferson County line of Windham Fabrics, and can't wait to get started on that quilt.
And just for fun, I'll add a pic of my 5 year old's latest card coloring. She made it for friends of ours, that had generously given their old toys to her...think she does a great job of it!

So till next time, happy sewing!