Friday, March 6, 2015

Procrastination Challenge and Studio Organizing

For Shelly's procrastination challenge for February, I had chosen #6 on my list, which was pajamas for my daughter. She has grown so much lately, that most of her jammies are too small, and it's been so cold here, that she really needed some warm pants.
I used an old pattern for these, but afterwards, I saw THIS video on making your own custom pj pants by Shabby Fabrics. I'll have to give that a try!
I'm working on a nightie of the same flannel fabric, but it's not quite done yet. So I'll continue with that project into March. Once I get that done, the next old project that I want to finish, is #1 on my list. It's a quilt that just needs it's binding finished.

For the studio organizing challenges which you can find the list for, HERE , I've done lots of mending of toys, and filing of papers, to clear off surfaces. It feels great!

Thank you, Shelly, for the continuous nudge to get things done!


mimi'sdarlins said...

These are adorable, love that fabric! Thanks for the link, I can use that :)

Shelly said...

I love my jammie pants. I've already been thinking when my favorite pair wears out, I'm going to take them apart and use them for a pattern to make a new pair -- out of some cowgirl flannel!