Friday, June 5, 2015

studio organizing update

I've been working away at Shelly's challenges, which you can find a listing of them HERE.

For week 18, it was to:

choose 10 things to deal with.

I chose 10 things to mend. Sorry, I didn't bother with pics, but here's my list of what I mended:
laundry bag
4 stuffies
Why I procrastinate on these wee jobs of mending, I have no idea! So it felt great to get those done.

Week 19, was to clean your sewing machine. I didn't take it anywhere to be serviced, but just getting those balls of fluff from around the feeddogs, made it run better.

Week 20, was to:

put together a travel sewing kit.

This took me awhile to complete because I couldn't find them at first, as I have made a few over the years. Once I did, I re-organized them. These are my kits that I can now grab and go:
One is a shoe bag with my knitting, another is my tatting and the fishing tackle box holds my hexagon project. The latter one works well to hold everything...
And to help keep them handy for me to grab, I'm keeping them all together like this:

Now week 21, was to:

clean out a storage area.

This area is not in my sewing room, but just outside it and was a mess! Sorry, no 'before' pics, but this is a shot of it now.
It is now a useful storage space, with all my desk supplies, cards, computer software, printing paper, my kid's school papers, etc. I'm really happy to have this organized now!

Week 22 was to clean out a fabric bin. Since the 'above' reorganizing took awhile to do, I haven't done this task yet. But with this week's task being to "revisit a previous task and work on it again", then I'll try to get two bins done this week. I certainly have bins to go through, so I need to get this one done.

Thanks again, Shelly, for the push to work on these tasks! It is really surprising how just a little work on this each week, really pays off!