Thursday, August 6, 2015

studio organizing update

For Shelly's week 30 of the studio organizing challenge, which you can find the list of posts HERE, it was to:

deal with the scrap pile.

I tend to deal with my scraps in two ways...if it's a line of fabric I'm using for a project, then the scraps get tossed into baggies, then into a drawer. That drawer was a big mess, so I decided to use cardboard to separate the various collections. It now looks like this,which believe me, is alot better than what it was!

If it's just odd scraps of fabric or from clothes, I toss it in another drawer, to be sorted later into baggies by color. My drawer looked like this:

That drawer is now empty and it's all in a basket by color.

One day, I hope to get around to cutting those scraps into certain sizes, but for now, this will have to do.

Now when going through scraps, does anyone else find it impossible to not start a new project?
I found these wee baggies of triangles, and just had to sew them up.

My daughter played with the HST's and we ended up making a wee bean bag for her and a block, that may become either a mugrug for her or a pincushion. She also came up with a mini quilt, but I'll save that for another post.

Then we found some other scraps...what could I make with them?

Well school is starting soon, and she could use a pencil case. So I made this up, using a Gathered Clutch tutorial found HERE. I've made this one before, and really should make more for gifts. It's a great pattern! I added the wrist strap and loop to hang a toy,just for fun.

Inside, I think is the best part.  I pieced the divider using the salvages and scraps.

The line is called Love U by Deb Strain for Moda. My daughter really liked that!

And something happened while I was making this, which I'll mention so I don't forget it...
I was unhappy with how certain parts of it were turning fault of the pattern, just my sewing skills! I was telling my daughter what I did wrong and how I might not finish it, when she say's, "Oh mommy, you have to finish it. I don't care if the seams aren't perfect. It's made with Love. And do you know why I say it was made with Love? Because you are making it especially for me."
Yes, that made my day and helped me finish it up for her!

As for week 31 of the challenge, it was to: eradicate a pile. I'm still working on that one!
So I'll end this post with a sunflower from my garden.

Happy stitching!