Friday, February 26, 2016

draw string bags

Finally I have something to post about! It seems like this entire month, one or more members of my family have been sick, including myself. Hence, not much sewing has been done. But I did just finish up these little bags for my daughter and her best friend.
I used a combination of methods found in two videos, HERE and HERE. I didn't box the bottom because my daughter liked it this way. It does keep the outside pockets, on either side, deep enough to hold a little treasure. We will be putting some goodies in the one to give to her friend.

I also made up some bookmarks for the girls. Here is one:

 You can find the video tutorial HERE on Crafty Gemini Creates. I just used regular elastic for mine, as that is what I had on-hand, and since my fabrics were rather thick, I didn't bother with an interfacing inside. But I think they came out fine. It's for the girls' school agendas, to help mark the week and find the date quickly while in class. I think it's a very simple and clever design, as it won't fall out of the book.
Thanks for dropping by and hopefully next month, I'll be able to post more often.
Happy stitching!