Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Final Countdown -Task Two

I'm loving this Final Countdown challenge! It really gets me motivated to change things in my sewing space. So not only did I clear off the change table the other day, but I had to move it so the iron was closer to the electrical outlet, which in turn, made me move a sewing know how it goes! I'll post a pic when I get it all finished.
But the second task Shelly challenged us to do is to:
Organize part of your stash.
And stash did not have to mean just fabric. So I chose my pattern stash to work on. I tend to print out patterns or tutorials alot from the web. I've done this for years and have piles of paper clutter in my sewing area.
So recently, I started using a filing box for this. Works perfectly!
I filed away these papers in no time! It's so much easier to just grab a file like 'pincushions' and quickly find what I'm looking for, than going through stacks of papers. I've tried using binders for this, but this works even better for me.

Now I'm looking forward to the third task of The Final Countdown!


  1. That is a good idea! I've tried using binders, too, but without much luck. I like the idea of lots of folders for the categories, so it's much easier to find a certain type of pattern.

  2. Brilliant! This is so one of those Duhh why didn't I think of that things. It's just like the filing system I use at work for the accounts.

  3. I love this organizing idea. Thanks for sharing.


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