Friday, January 1, 2016

The Final Countdown Challenge - Task Two

First of all, Happy New Year everyone!

This next task of Shelly's was a good one to do. Again, Shelly wrote a great post about it, that I'm sure to refer to often. You can find it HERE. The task is to:

Organize ALL our UFO's.

So I went through mine and they are now all stacked like this by my machine, to remind me to get them done!
I broke my list down, like Shelly mentioned that she does, into columns. I discovered that out of 23 total UFO's, 12 just need to be quilted and the remaining 11 projects are still in progress.
I went through each one, and I feel that I do want to complete them all. So what is holding me up, especially for the 12 projects that just need quilting and binding done?...
It's the quilting aspect and deciding what batting to use. And the backing...should it be cotton, flannel or fleece? I tend to ponder these questions too much, and then put it aside and move onto something else. It's time to change that.
So in the coming weeks, I'll aim to finish up those 12 UFO's that are almost done...maybe even post a finish each Friday? Now that would be great!

And Shelly also mentioned about having a wish list of things you'd like to make. This is a great idea!
Since I've got enough quilts on the go, I'd really like to make more things for my daughter while she's young. They include Oliver & S dresses and Waldorf dolls.

So here's to hoping for a productive sewing year! I'm really looking forward to it. Hope you all are too!
Happy Stitching in 2016!


  1. The stack looks so neat. I, too, need to concentrate on quilting the tops that are done. That would reduce my number of UFOs greatly. I hope we all have a productive 2016!

  2. That's one way of reminding yourself to do those UFOs....set them right next to your machine! Every year I plan to quilt all my completed quilt tops...I hope I can put a dent in them this year. Good luck with all yours, too :)


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